MegaUpload Down and Other File Sharing Websites at Risk

Last week, the internet witnessed one of the largest scandals. The MegaUpload site, as the name denotes and known to all, is one of the world’s largest file sharing sites. In the wake of the FBI investigation, MegaUpload site was seized by the officials and the founders of the site were arrested. They were charged with online piracy which accounted to $500 million in lost revenue to copyright holders. As of now, the founders are under arrest in Europe and New Zealand. The MegaUpload website now features a notice image from the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Following this, most of the online file sharing have gone under hiding. As of now, FileSonic, a popular file sharing site on the web, has disabled the sharing of files. While it is so, users can upload and and download the files they had previously uploaded personally. In the words of FileSonic it can be put as,

All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

While FileSonic has come up with this new change, it’s brother FileServe has begun the process of deleting multiple files and is banning premium accounts. Also, file sharing has been disabled. Users can download only their own files, which they have uploaded earlier.

Other file sharing sites like and Videozer blocked U.S. access and closed affiliate program, respectively. VideoBB, a popular video sharing site has closed the affiliate program. While it’s rivals take action, Filepost and Hotfile have begun suspending accounts with duplicates of copyrighted contents. 4shared has begun the job of deleting multiple files while EnterUpload has already become down. When you land in EnterUpload, you will find yourself in a website titled Luxury. While many sites have begun the job of clearing the illegal contents, RapidShare, a popular file sharing site, hasn’t begun any job. It’s usual as ever.

What’s the future of these file sharing sites? Will many other file sharing sites get caught in the hands of cops, like MegaUpload. Will it be the same scenario? Do share your thoughts with us below in the comments section.