Member Suggestions in Facebook Groups?

Recently I was surprised to find a new widget on the right side of the Facebook groups with the title Suggested Members. Below lay five of my friends’ names with a shiny button nearby called Add. Once I hit the Add button the group itself got updated and added the new member to the group.


If you remember well, this is a feature of the Lists created by the Facebook users. But how come the widget got embedded itself in the groups!?! It seems pretty new to me. Is Facebook up to something now? Recently it kicked out the profile picture at the top of each groups and substituted a big banner at the top, featuring the profile photos of all the members of that particular group.

Also, for your information this new Suggested Members tab is available only in a few groups and not in all those groups in Facebook. Based on my observations, it seems like Facebook is testing this feature only with a few groups at first and will roll out this new feature to all other groups very soon. For an instance take a look at this group named Smashing Bloggers which features this tab at the right side.

When you hit the Add button in the member will get added to the group or will be queued to the list and get added only when the admin of that group approves him or her. Also, the tab automatically updates with the suggestions, giving you lots to add. If you ever wanted to hide the tab from a particular group, you can do so with the button labeled Hide at the top right of the tab in the group.

What’s your thought? Is this a new feature that all the Facebook groups will get in the near future. Share your thoughts with us.