Members Profile Photo Now at The Top of Facebook Groups

The latest change in Facebook groups is that, users can now notice a brand new, shiny, large banner at the top of each Facebook group. The banner sports the profile picture of random members of the group. The number of members displayed ranges from 5 to 8 at the most. It seems like this new feature had been being tested with a couple of groups from the past few days and now, today, Facebook has rolled out this ultra cool feature to all the groups.


It was today afternoon when I noticed this new feature in our Axleration group in Facebook. I was pretty stunned to see this new banner lying at the top of our Facebook group, replacing the previous profile picture it highlighted at the left side of the group. Also, there lie a couple of buttons at the bottom right of the banner : Members Count, Events, Photos, Docs.

New! Easily see who is in the group. Now member photos are right at the top of the group – just click on someone to see their timeline. You can find the old group picture in the group’s photos” says Facebook.

Also, when you hover your mouse over the banner, the profile picture of a member highlights and clicking it would take to the person’s profile page or Timeline. When the mouse is away, the banner gets diminished and highlights the bar underneath, sporting the name of the group at the left side and the navigation controls at the right side.

Alternatively, Facebook gives you the option to upload a big, long image to the section rather than displaying the members’ profile photo. Facebook asks the admin of the group to upload an image that is at least 400 pixels wide. The uploaded image would give a warm welcome to the members.

You might start wondering about the whereabouts of the profile picture that graced the group previously. Fortunately, Facebook has pushed that image to the Photos section of the group and is still accessible. The members and the admin can see it over there.