Microsoft to construct fortress to counter computer monitoring software

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Microsoft to construct fortress to counter computer monitoring software

There are murmurs in the Microsoft camp which are being echoed all across the tech realm that most ‘security programs’ and antivirus which cater to computer monitoring software or cell phone spy software are well, rubbish. Therefore, the word is that Microsoft’s latest operating software would activate a built-in AV (antivirus) software if it senses the PC’s vulnerability with regards to viruses and computer monitoring software.

Windows Defender  

The new operating system is dubbed ‘Windows defender’ and it brings together the strengths of its name sake (anti-spying program’s characteristics) and that of Security Essentials – it had up to this point had been a separately downloadable program. Windows Defender was announced in September last year, and with all three of its sneak peeks – Windows 8 Developer, Consumer and Release previews – the Defender was turned on by default. Even so, the word is that things will be different when the latest Windows 8 PCs are unveiled at the tail end of the current year.

Take Your Shot

Third-party dealers and computer connoisseurs are being given the first shot at PC protection to check out all the dynamics keeping the threat of computer monitoring software for PCs and cell phone spy software for cell phones in mind. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) usually use the trial versions of leading antivirus programs on their computers and after the expiration of the trial the owners are then advised to upgrade the programs to the paid editions, which can cost anywhere between $40 to $90 a year. Windows 8 meanwhile conceded the role of the AV to these trials and, would not in any case, activate the Defender if an antivirus program with signature updates was detected.

Oh Crap!

PC makers do profit through the pre-installed software and the antivirus tools. In AV’s case, the OEMs get a share of the pie as far as the payment to security vendors is concerned. The entire practice is dependent on loading computers with an array of third-party apps which are dubbed “bloatware” or “crapware” by the critics. The ‘crapware’ are pivotal in highlighting the chinks in the armour of the defense mechanism, and that in turn aids the security chiefs to devise methods to plug the gaping holes, if they exist.

An Age Old Habit

The fact that Microsoft has decided upon delaying the activation of the Defender in Windows 8 is reminiscent of its maneuvers in the previous versions of Windows. Like when Security Essentials were offered to Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP computers. And then afterwards, Security Essentials had been listed as an option to download via Windows Update on computers that do not have other antivirus software. Even though Windows 8 activates the Defender automatically, Microsoft has a page that lists the existing third-party AVs which would complement the latest OS. This should also help filter out the malware from the various devices and help the users and indeed businesses keep their networks safe and secure


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