Best Mobile Earphones

Tired of the bulky headphones that are really spacious even when they are foldable? You can’t fold it all through or you’ll definitely break it! Consider how much you have spent for it; breaking it is breaking your heart alike. Although the traditional pair of earphones that is bundled to your smartphone is useful, sometimes, they are not just good enough. Would you not agree? It has no style, not much of a hi-fi system, and just so plain. I can’t stress this enough, it’s all plain boring.

Enough of the talking, I know you’re already itching to feel those awesome Bluetooth wireless earbuds to let you experience a hi-fi system and give you all convenience with its portability. Here are the four earphones I have enlisted:

#1: Sony XBA 2

So, you want comfy in-ear headphones? Check out this Sony XBA 2. This pair of earphones creates the best sound for such a ridiculously reasonable price. To make it secured when installed in your ears, there sits foam under the rubber for your convenience. Experience the more detailed beat of the drum, strum of guitars, pitch of the singer, echo effects, and *insert all musical instruments here* with this awesome pair of in-ear headphones. Talk about the cable, it is real sturdy enough as the connector. It is also encased with a magnetic carry case which is indeed a smart material. You can buy Sony XBA 2 for £99 only.

#2: Monster Gratitude

With its name, I have perceived that this pair of in-earphones has really something to offer. And it sure did. That’s because Earth, Wind and Fire have them endorsed as they come with a golden bum bag that is said to have a huge amount of bling accessories that feature birds and even more gold. It has a flat anti-tangle cable and rock-solid build to save us from all the hassles. It has also an inline remote to switch sound tracks with ease. It retails for about £200. It may have a hefty price, but considering its added accessories, build, and everything in between, it’s definitely worth the price.

#3: Sennheiser IE 80s

Looking for a unique shape for earphones that will make you—or perhaps your earphones—stand out? Sennheiser IE 80s is definitely perfect for you. This odd shape of earphones is intended for the security of it plugged in your ears. It prevents it from falling and falling so you can enjoy your music without being mindful of it falling, unplugging out your ears. This pair of earphones also produces every vocal detail of the music you are listening to. Price retails for only £199.

#4: Audio Technica ATH ANC 23 Quiet Point

Have you been irritated by the outside noise as you listen to music? Well, if you’ll ask me, most of the time! Take a shot with this Audio Technica ATH ANC 23 Quiet Point that helps eradicate all the outside noise and lets you focus on the music you just bought from iTunes. This pair of earphones is best for people who are travelers—especially those who commute—to lessen the outside noise. Be it a bus, plane, taxi, or anything, you will enjoy the ride, and most especially, second to people around you, your earphones. It is powered by a single AAA battery that sits on the cord of this pair of headphones. Incredibly, it retails for only £49.

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Eugene Tyler is a freelance writer, blogger, and also a part time musician lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.