Mobile Gaming by the Numbers [Infographic]

Years ago, when we were small kids we used to play video games in front of the big flat television. In those days the games came on small cartridges that had to be plugged in the video game set and then play on the Television. Oh GOD, I still remember those days! Now things have changed a lot. We see games everywhere! Mobiles, Computers, Internet. It’s all about Games!


Looking at pictures is much comfortable when reading lots of text. So here’s an infographic by those Geekaphone guys who have taken a depth look at the numbers and stats behind the gaming world and them together in the form of an infographic. Now let us have a nice look at the infographic below. Also those Geekaphone guys say that it will take approximately1.4 minutes to have a look at this infographic! And one more amazing fact those guys have found is that most of the Gamers in this world are Female! They comprise 53% of the Gaming community !

Change by Angry Birds in the Gaming World

Mobile Gaming seems to be on the rise these days! “The Mobile Industry was worth around $33 Billion in 2010” says the infographic below. With the advent of smartphones things seem to changed a lot. Those smartphones have entirely changed our life! Playing games on smartphones became a thing of this latest generation. And also the arrival of Angry Birds by Rovio further changed things a lot! Angry Birds have been flying everywhere to take their revenge on the pigs for stealing their previous eggs! A fun fact says that “Angry Birds has been downloaded 140 Million times!

And now the infographic..

Most of the infographic makers do not give credit to the sources from where they got the information. There are a few who simply add the links to the infographic at the end. But these Geekaphone guys have added the links to the sources from where they got the information for this infographic at the end of their blog post. Have a look at that blog to see from where they got the information.

Well, hope you liked this post! By the way, are you a crazy gamer? What do you thing of the above infographic? Share your views below.