Mobile Security and Malware Protection [Infographic]

Mobile phones and smart phones are now the top reasons for losing data and other security issues. We all do use, these gadgets a lot these days. But we are entirely unaware of the issues that we might have to face because of it. We love social networking with people and we use Facebook anywhere, anytime right from our mobile phones.


But using such sites and also browsing the web with these gadgets may end you up in problems. You might lose your precious information and it adds up to other problems. When it comes to internet, we must be aware of privacy everywhere on internet. We much take caution before doing anything on the web. Think twice before you proceed.

And also we are prone to using internet banking via mobile phones. This is a serious job. You may have lots of bucks in your bank accounts. Is it necessary for you to lose your money due to some silly mobile phone problems? Of course not! So it is recommended not to use mobile phones for banking and other money related purposes.

To put all the ways to protect your data and privacy, Bull Guard has come with an infographic that helps you stay safe and fit while using your mobile phones. Have a look at the infographic and share you views.