Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta Now Available for Android and Maemo

Mozilla’s mobile version of its famous browser Firefox is released. It was formerly called as fennec.  The Firefox 4 mobile browser is in beta stage and is available for Android (2.0 and above) and Maemo (Nokia N900) but not available for the iPhone.

Mozilla says that the mobile version uses the same technology as the desktop version but changed for mobile experience. Firefox 4 beta version includes features like Awesome Bar, Add-ons and syncing. Firefox Sync may help you to carry your favorites, passwords, History, Auto-fill data and bookmarks wherever you go. When the browser comes out of the beta stage, more features may be introduced.

Installation requires approximately 32MB internal storage, plus 12MB SD storage. Check out the Firefox 4 beta mobile version for yourself here.


Have you tried the new Firefox 4 for mobile devices, what do you think about it ? Do you want it to be released for all mobile phones ? Share  your thoughts.