MS Paint Replacement for Linux – GNU Paint

I recently switched over from Windows to Linux and found it very difficult because I couldn’t find alternatives for softwares which I use the most. But now I have found alternatives for almost all softwares and I will be posting about them in a series of posts.


First of all, when I post How to guides, Images are very needful. I use MS pain to edit my screen shots, but in Linux I had GIMP, but it was too much for this simple requirement, so I searched for other alternatives for MS paint and found GNU Paint (gpaint).

GNU Paint is a easy to use MS Paint alternative for Linux. It does exactly what it is meant to do. It is easy to use and efficient to work with.


  • Drawing tools such as ovals, freehand, polygon and text, with
  • fill or shadow for polygons and closed freehand shapes
  • Cut and paste by selecting irregular regions or polygons
  • Preliminary print support using gnome-print
  • Modern, ease-to-use user interface with tool and color palettes
  • Multiple-image editing in a single instance of the program
  • All the image processing features present in xpaint
  • Installing GNU Paint in Ubuntu Linux

    GNU paint is made available through Ubuntu repositories, so it is easy to install it using the apt-get command.

    1. Go to Applications > Accessories > Terminal

    2. Enter the following command

    sudo apt-get install gpaint

    3. Enter your Root Password to continue with the installation.

    4. When the Installation is over, you can find GNU Paint at Application > Graphics > GNU Paint

    Try GNU Paint and share your comments with us.