Multi-Admin Capability is Coming Soon to Google+ Brand Pages

As you read in the title, Google is now set to launch the multi-admin feature for Google+ brand pages. Multi-admin option lets more than one user to handle the same brand page. As you do in Facebook, your brand page can be handled by one or more members.


Multi-admin option allows many users belonging to the same team update the status in their brand page. For an instance, social media and tech giants have more than one user handling the same brand page. When this option is enabled, many members of the same company can update the status.

It was a few weeks back when Google launched the all new brand pages for businesses in Google+. And now, Google is set to add this new feature – Multi -admin capability.

This news came from Kristoffer Sorensen’s official post in Google+. According to him, the multi-admin capability for brand pages is set to be launched before 2012 (i.e. this month). A lot of other new features are to be launched and also a lot are in consideration.

Also comes, a way to schedule posts for auto-posting later. The Google+ team is doing talks on this. Until now there is no way to schedule post. Maybe in a matter of time, this new feature will start popping in Google+

Google+ is also considering adding events to the brand page. As of now, Google+ is asking recommendations from people for adding events to brand page.

Have you ever wondered for a way to do hangouts while you are in air? Google+ is now testing hangouts in air with a couple of official staff. If it works out well, Google+ will start rolling out this new feature to all the Google+ users. And also, if you own a smartphone, you can now handle your brand page with your smartphone,

And finally, Kristoffer’s official post adds a note saying “We are always thinking about things we can do to help you get more out of your Google+ Pages. So we’d love to hear from you what questions you might have and what advice and best practices we can share with you. Let us know in the comments and we can get a bit of a real-time Q&A session going. I’ll be answering questions in the comments thread along with David Weisman and Toby Stein.