Music Google Doodle for the Holidays is Here

When you dig into the Google Search page, you will now be surprised to see the default Google Doodle replaced with an animated one. With the Christmas day nearing day by day, Google is making changes to most of it’s products, denoting it’s happiness and it’s festive mood to celebrate this Christmas season.


Yesterday, Google enabled a static version of the Christmas doodle, featuring 6 Christmas items, each representing a particular letter of the company’s name Google. When visited today, users can find the static one replaced by one animated doodle.

The animated doodle is just a simple remake of the previous static doodle. With the company’s name featuring the front section, the six Christmas items are pushed to the back. Also, stars fill the sides of the doodle. One of the not noticeable things is the presence of six buttons below the name Google.

When clicked, the button dims itself whereas the Christmas item corresponding to the button gets highlighted. After clicking each of the buttons, the song Jingle Bells starts playing, after which the user gets landed up the Happy Holidays search page. Meanwhile, the company’s name Google gets itself pushed to the back of the doodle.

[stextbox id=”info”]Google’s Other Christmas Easter Eggs[/stextbox]

Google has come up with many Easter eggs this year to celebrate this Christmas season. A certain YouTube videos snow sport a snowflake button, which when clicked starts making snowflakes fall, snowflakes falling in the search page and a lot of other Google Search tricks for Christmas