Native Google Translate App for iPad is Out

Today, Google introduced the all new native Google translate application of the iPad owners. This new application is nothing new to the iOS freaks. It’s just a larger version of the Google translate app as seen in iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The thing is that, users will now be surprised to see the Google translate page elements in a bigger size and nothing new.


Google translate, as the name denotes, is a translation application by Google, that will allow users to translate a word or sentence from one language to another. As of now, Google translate is available in 63 languages. Users can both type or speak words and translate it into another language.

Also, Google translate provides users with the capability to listen the to translated words and also star the translate. Starring translations normally refers to the bookmarking of translation and hence use it for future purposes. Offline viewing of the translation is made possible with this feature.

As said earlier, this new application for iPad is nothing new to the iPhone or iPod touch owners. If you have used Google translate in any of the previous devices like in iPod touch or iPhone, don’t get disheartened to see nothing new in this iPad version of the app. Google is on the verge of rolling out new features very soon.

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Google Translate for iPad at App Store