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Should You Be in Constant Fear of Natural Disasters?


Even though, by all accounts, we have become a fairly advanced technological society, especially in the industrialized parts the world, we are still subject to the whims of Mother Nature at times. We have literally hundreds of weather satellites circling all over the globe, collecting information about weather patterns and current atmospheric conditions for just about anywhere. As a result, we can get very detailed and precise information about the current weather just about anywhere. Coupled with increasingly sophisticated mathematical algorithms which can help predict upcoming weather events, we can get accurate predictions for our local weather, even up to a week in advance. We can additionally see the signs of impending major weather events, such as tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons.




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Is the Information Actionable?

No matter how good our information is, sometimes events occur without giving us any advance notice. The recent tornadoes that viciously struck Oklahoma are a good example. Even though meteorologists were aware that there were major weather disturbances in the area, they were not able to predict exactly where tornadoes were going to form, until it was too late. As a result, the local population was caught completely unprepared, without the ability to evacuate or head towards the safety of a shelter. The fact that a fully occupied elementary school received a direct hit, luckily with no fatalities, shows that we can still wind up caught completely flat-footed.


Another example is the severe flooding which New York City experienced just a few months ago. In this case, meteorologists were able to predict with a fair degree of accuracy that the region should brace for the impact of this massive storm. But how? Evacuating New York City or even the coastal areas of New Jersey was logistically impossible. All people could do was try to get to higher ground and heed the warnings from government officials. Many did, while others decided to brush off the warnings and take their chances, often with disastrous results. If modern technology had been able to predict the storm with a few months’ advance notice, perhaps a more orderly evacuation could have been executed. But from a timing standpoint, we just aren’t there yet.




Dealing with a Rising Global Population

Another form of natural disasters is the lack of food in some parts the world. With the global population constantly rising, scientists and agribusiness are challenged to find ways to produce more basic crops. While there are a lot of arguments back and forth about the relative value of genetic engineering, we definitely need solutions to feed the growing population. While most advanced nations are able to produce or import all the food they need, some of the poorest countries in the world remain at the mercy of weather patterns or pestilence to produce enough food to feed themselves.


Keeping Your Business Safe

In today’s cyber world, businesses depend on reliable solutions to keep their businesses not only competitive, but also viable. They cannot let any type of natural or human catastrophe get in the way of keeping their business fully functioning all the time. Network integration services are essential to keep all of the electronic systems of the company fully connected and fully operational. As we rely more and more on information technology to provide efficiencies of scale to produce bottom-line profits, this is one area where experts can provide a tremendous added value.


While we still may be vulnerable to natural disasters of one type or another, we can certainly ensure that our corporate electronic systems are safe and secure.