Google’s Chrome Web Store Gets a New Look

It was just a few days back when Google revamped the look and feel of the “New tab” in Google Chrome. In that update, Google gave a new interface to the “New tab” page. In that new interface, you will be able to quickly navigate to Apps and your Most visited pages either by clicking the labels found at the bottom or by clicking the arrow marks available on both the sides. You can also rearrange the apps by simply dragging them round the page.


And now Google brings another new change to Chrome Web Store. The entire Chrome Web Store is now given a new look. In this new interface, Chrome Web Store sports a larger screenshot for each app for a better view. The left side of the store has 12 categories that you can use to navigate round the store. You must know that, the infinite page loading feature is now available so that you need not click on next each time, as you did earlier.

When you click on any extension, the extension’s page opens in an overlay and this makes it much more easier to insall the extension. In the overlay, you will get three tabs titled : Overview, Details and Reviews. Have a glance at them and then install that extension. The overlay also shows a set of many small extension images below the larger screenshot of the extension.

It seems like the search algorithm is corrupted due to this new integration of Chrome Web Store with Google Search. Google quotes “Unfortunately, search results are now terrible, as you can see in the screenshot above. When searching for [Gmail], from the top 10 search results, only two extensions and apps are relevant. The top search result for [YouTube] is AdBlock, while the first result for [Google Docs] is FB Photo Zoom. The search algorithm is not good enough and Google made things worse by mixing the results for extensions and apps.” in it’s official blog post.

So what do you think about this new interface? Love or Hate? Why do you love? Why do you hate? Share your feedback with us in the comments section.