New Features in Facebook groups

Facebook introduced a new improved edition of Facebook groups. Many new features have been added. Now Facebook Groups had made, Facebook a more interactive an indulging environment for people around the world.

Features of New Facebook Groups

1. If you write in you Group’s Wall, a notification will be sent to all members of the group.

2. Facebook Groups enables you to have a group chat. This is the best feature as it allows group discussions among the members of the group. (I really love this feature)

3. Docs can be created. Docs allow people to collectively to write and edit notes with one another. Similar to a wiki, they can be viewed and edited by all members of a group, and any group member may add or remove sections of the doc.

I have created a brand new Facebook group for Axleration. If you are interested join it. We will have loads of discussions and contests at Facebook Groups in the upcoming days.


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