Get The Most Out Of The New Facebook Lists

A lot of stuff has been going on the world’s largest used social networking site, Facebook, these days. Two new features have been introduced in this week. The first one is the Subscriptions with which you can subscribe to other people on Facebook even if you aren’t friends with him / her. For more information, check out this post. Next comes the new Facebook lists. Facebook recently revamped the lists.


With the circles feature in Google+ , the users have their control over the things they share. They can share a certain post only with they co-workers or friends or public etc. The list goes on. Now Facebook came up with a similar feature but advanced than the previous lists.

Close Friends, Acquaintances and Restricted

Three new lists are now introduced in Facebook. Close FriendsAcquaintances and Restricted. Listing someone as a Close Friend, will make all his / her posts appear on your News Feed. His every update with appear in a new feed and will notify you. If you add someone to the Acquaintances category, the News feed won’t show much of their posts. And the third one is the Redistricted group. The members in your restricted group can see your updates only if the update is made public.

Smart Lists

This new list covers three major groups. They are the default groups given to you by Facebook. They are the :

  • Work
  • School
  • Family
  • City
Based on the above four details in your Facebook profile, it will create groups for you. This cool feature called the Smart Lists can automatically group your friends only if you both have given the same details on each other’s profiles.For example, consider you both live in New York City and this smart lists will group you both in the same “CITY” category. The only thing is that both must have given the same details to get grouped together. Here’s a screenshot of my Smart Lists!

Other Lists

In addition to the Smart Lists, you can continue to use the lists you have already created. Those lists will not be deleted and will retain in your Facebook account. You can continue using them.

Sharing your status

While sharing your status, make sure to set the right category for that particular status. If you going to share something related to your schooling, make that particular post visible only your school members. And the awesome feature in this latest Facebook update is the ability to change the visibility of a particular post even after the post has been published.


If you shared something with the wrong category members, you can immediately changing the sharing options with the button available on the right side of the published post. Click that button and change the visibility settings!


That’s it. These are all the new changes introduced by Facebook this week. Don’t forget to check the “Subscribe” button post. And also, the next Facebook f8 conference is on coming 22nd. A lot of new announcements are going to be made in this f8 conference. It is said that Facebook is going to launch a music service. It has joined hands with popular music services like Rdio, Spotiy and much more. So stay tuned with Axleration to get Facebook updates.