New Mashable CEO Conan O’Brien Leaks iTV

That’s it! You read the title correct. The new, non-hired Mashable CEO Conan O’Brien has managed to steal an iTV from Apple! It was today morning when we got news that Mashable has been bought be Conan O’Brien and ousted Pete Cashmore as the CEO of Mashable. Well, it might not be true exactly. It was an April Fools’ Day prank from the Mashable crew. And to make things further more funny, Conan has headed to the Apple headquarters yesterday night and grabbed the highly anticipated iTV. 🙂


The news comes from an official YouTube video uploaded by Mashable. Conan who happens to be the American comedian and star, just made his way through tech media and boom! Here he is, beating Pete Cashmore and proving himself to be really great.

For ages iTV, the television from Apple, has been rumored to be coming and now, we finally get a look at the much awaited one. All thank Conan O’Brien! Hail the new Mashable CEO. And according to the reports by Conan, the iTV will be launched in a matter of time, maybe in 6 months. And also, guess what? The iTV is really small that you can take it anywhere! Off to a picnic with relatives, take it out along with you and have fun watching your favorite channels.

Dig into the video for his exclusive reports. You will really love the iTV. 😛 And by the way, there is a thing that is really funny, sort of a small mistake, in this video. Guess what and drop it in the comments section. To get more updates on this, make sure to follow Axleration on Twitter @axleration.