New Phishing Attack as Facebook Security Team in Chat Box

This new phishing attack has set the Facebook users getting themselves landed in the victim’s hand. This new phishing attack by the hackers, makes a chat box to pop up in your Facebook account. With the name of the chat titled Facebook Security, and the logo set to Facebook’s official logo, one can easily get caught into this phishing attack and find themselves opening access of their personal information to the hackers.


Kaspersky Internet Security, has recently confirmed this all new phishing attack set by the hackers. According to the research team, this chat box pops into your account and you find yourself giving all the details to that hacker, since the hacker portrays himself as the Facebook Security team. If you keep answering all those questions, you will at last find doomed and in turn, your friends on your Facebook friends list, will get a similar message demanding information. If you are a geek, you are sure to sit and work carefully with such stuff. But what, if you are gifted with no tech knowledge?

As you can see below, the chat box appears in this format. Once you click the link, you will find yourself landed up in a website which looks mostly similar to the design of Facebook. With the site looking exactly like a replica of Facebook, users are mostly prone to giving their details to that particular hacker. The site asks your personal details and also asks your credit card information. Once you reveal all those information, you are certainly doomed.

The message in the chat box quotes,

Last Warning: Your Facebook account will be turned off Because someone has reported you. Please do re-confirm your account security by: =>

With the credit card information, included with the CSC/CVV, the hacker will now access to your credit card and in turn, he/she can easily use it to do various illegal online jobs. If you want to stay safe online, do make sure not to give your personal information and your credit card details on Facebook. If you get caught in such a situation, make sure not to reply and hit the X mark available at the top right of the chat box, which will make sure not to get you caught in this phishing attack. Make sure to share this post with all your Facebook friends, asking them to stay safe on Facebook.