New PSP With New Hardware

We were expecting a PSP2 during the E3 2010, but we were wrong. But Sony has released a new PSP with new hardware. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is releasing an updated version of the PSP along with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, with a new analog stick.

The special edition Monster Hunter styled PSP will feature an analog stick that’s slightly modified to make those epically long loot-gathering sessions more comfortable for Japanese thumbs. The black and gold Monster Hunter PSP also features the good old extended battery pack, for making those extended Monster Hunter Portable 3rd games last even longer.


The Battery cover protrudes out a little further than the standard PSP does, which Sony says would provide a  comfortable grip.

The Monster Hunter Portable 3rd limited edition PSP will ship in Japan on December 1, 2010 and would cost 19800 yen.

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