StumbleUpon Gets a Major Makeover – Complete Redesign

On Monday, the guys at StumbleUpon introduced the brand new StumbleUpon. The world’s most popular Discovery Search Engine, StumbleUpon’s new interface completely took the fans by surprise. The new interface is set to be unveiled on Tuesday, that’s today. When you take a peek at StumbleUpon now, you will find a note at the top requesting you to look at the new interface.


We realized we weren’t conveying the experience well enough through our visual appearance. The power of our technology is remarkable, but now we’re finally doing justice to that with a modern, slick front-end. Finally, our front-end is as good as our back-end.” said Garrett Camp, CEO of StumbleUpon in a report to GigaOM.

As of now, this new update seems to be the largest and most impressive redesign to the interface in the company’s history since November 2001.

This new update is available only for the web users until now. According to the StumbleUpon guys, this new interface must be available for other devices like mobiles and tablets in no matter of time.

The first thing that one probably notices on landing in the new layout, is the change to the logo and favicon. The old familiar, green and blue logo no longer exists. The place is now occupied by a fresh, reddish orange logo with the letters of the company in black color lying nearby.

What a great update to the toolbar! The StumbleUpon toolbar called the StumbleBar seems to blend pretty well with this new digital sketch. The new buttons, with the new coat of digital paint, seem to be pretty addictive than those previous ones. Also, the StumbleBar now sports a couple of drop down lists which makes navigation easier.

Well, this new update is mainly about two things. One : The explore box is no longer in the Beta stage. With the launch of this new interface, the explore box goes live to all. As known to all, the explore box makes use of keywords which makes it easier for StumbleUpon users to discover more and more sites with interesting content. In few words, The explore box is the mini Google.

The second is the addition of channels to StumbleUpon. Like brand pages in Google+ and Fan page in Facebook, the Channels in StumbleUpon lets user to subscribe for content. Like in Facebook, Google+ or any other social media site, channels are run by brands, sites, and celebrities round the world.

People can just hit the Follow button and get subscribed to get pinged for the latest updates from the users. As of now, StumbleUpon is selective at giving rights for people to make channels. Until now, 250 channels are open to the public, which include Mashable, TechCrunch, CNN and a lot more.

Subscribing to these channels doesn’t dump all their updates in your newsfeed. StumbleUpon’s amazing algorithm does a great job of selectively updating your newsfeed with your favorite stuff. That’s the secret behind StumbleUpon’s success.

So, what do you think about this new interface. Will this new update encourage a lot more new people to make use of StumbleUpon to get the most out? Will this new update prove to be a success? Do drop in your thoughts below in the comments section.