New Update in Twitter Timeline

Twitter now has come up with an updated version of the timeline. Though you are regular Twitter user, you will not be familiar with this new update. Even the official Twitter blog doesn’t seem to have any post related to this new change. Till now, it is known that only Patrick Bisch, the founder of Pinglio, got this new timeline.


Earlier the Twitter timeline had all the four buttons : Timestamp, Favorite, Retweet, Reply, at the bottom of each tweet. When you click on a particular tweet, a slider appears on the right side of the screen showing the tweet with the source from which it came and also the media if it has.

But in this new updated version, it seems that the four buttons are pushed to the top right of each tweet. Hovering over the tweet will replace the timestamp with a button named “Open”. When you click on “Open”, the tweet gets isolated from others and opens up right in the timeline and does not appear separately on the right side. If the tweet has any replies or media associated with it, they too will appear below the tweet. Also when you open a tweet, it will show the list of Twitter users who retweeted the tweet in a horizontal line.

And also in this new update, when you click on any user’s Twitter handle, his profile appears in a box that pops up over the main Twitter timeline. It does not appear on the right side slider. And what remains on the right side? Your Twitter info. Your tweets number, your followers and following count and your recent images remain there.

Have you got this new Twitter timeline update? If yes, share your thoughts with us below in the comments section. Make sure to check out Axleration for more.