New Version of Epic Browser

The first ever Indian browser Epic Browser, was released a month ago, which created waves in the Indian teach field. The epic browser was a great success among the Indians as well as global users. The Epic team has released the next version of Epic version 1.1, which has solved many bugs that were found in the previous version.

Epic Browser has various features that is targeted at Indians, like customized themes that reflect the Indian culture and various inbuilt plugins including those which tell cricket scores, which is the most watched sport in the country. Download and try it to know more about this new try from India.

Since Epic is based on Mozilla Firefox, This latest version 1.1 includes updates from Firefox’s latest stable version 3.6.8.  The new version includes some tweaks to the sidebar and the anti-virus scanner and to the widgets too.

Download the new version from the official site and try it and post your comments here.

Don’t expect a revolutionary browser, then you’ll feel let down. Epic is just Mozilla Firefox with an Indian face, all other underlying technologies are shared by both these browsers. I would’ve personally preferred Epic if it had been based on the chromium project ! 🙂