New Year 2012 Doodle Hits Some Google Sites

While the fans are left wondering the appearance and emergence of the new Google Doodle for New Year 2012, Google has already leaked the Doodle to those countries, who are in New Year eve right now. As of now, one can find this all new Google Doodle in official Google site, Google India, Google Japan and Google New Zealand.


Once you take a look, you will notice that this Doodle is a static one and does not impress the users much. The Doodle gets itself adorned with colorful New Year stuff. Hats, Trumpets, Party hats are the main things that feature this new Doodle. If you take a better look, you can see the numbers 2012 in the center of the letter G of the company’s name Google.

So, is this the global Doodle that is to be rolled out to all the countries? Or will each country’s Google version sport it’s own Google Doodle for this New Year celebration. The answer will be out only when Google updates the Doodle to other countries, as the time passes.

Does Google have anything in store for surprise to celebrate this New Year with much pomp and fun? No one is sure about this question. Earlier Google brought many Easter eggs for the holiday season which included, Let It Snow, Santa in Google EarthChristmas Google Doodle, music doodle, snowflakes in YouTube videos and a lot more.

Will Google bring out any new, surprising stuff for this upcoming New Year mash? Do drop in your comments below in the available comments section.