Custom Emoticons Don’t Show in Facebook Messenger for Windows

When you type [[axleration]] in Facebook Messenger chat box for Windows provided by Facebook, you will be surprised to see no 16×16 avatar of Axleration’s logo. It was a few days back when Facebook Messenger did an awesome job of displaying a cool logo when someone types the code. And now, it seems to be a new change in Facebook. Is this a new change brought by Facebook or a new bug in Facebook Messenger?


It was a few days back when Facebook introduced an all new cool way to have fun with your chatting buddies. The introduction announced the usage of custom emoticons in the Facebook chat box. If you knew the username or unique id or a particular user or page or event, you could use the code in this format [[username]] or [[unique id]] and there pops a 16×16 avatar of the profile picture used by that particular user or page or event.

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When Facebook introduced such a new, cool feature it also added the fact that the emoticons display only in the web version of the chat and not in mobile version of Facebook chat. But a couple of days later, I tried using the custom emoticons in the Facebook Messenger for Windows. It worked pretty well. But now, as you read in the title, its the other way round. Only the code displays rather than the logo.

Is Facebook trying to follow an uniform format in mobile version of chat as well in desktop version of the chat. Or is it another new bug in Facebook that is not allowing the users to display the emoticons in the Messenger for Windows. Do voice in your thoughts below in the comments section.