Are Ringtones a Thing of the Past? [Infographic]

Are ringtones a thing of the past? With each mobile owner using the modern MP3 ringtones, are those monophonic and polyphonic ringtones outdated? Remember those old days, when you used to dig into all the available ringtones in your latest mobile handset?


With the technology world developing at a rapid speed and the internet providing people with latest MP3 ringtones, what’s the current state of those ringtones companies? No matter how outdated this ringtones be, the ringtones companies are indeed earning millions and millions right now. This below infographic by Music Production School, highlights the key and interesting facts of the ringtones and their manufacturers.

Here I highlight 6 of the curious and interesting facts of this below infographic.

  1. Ringtones form 1/3 of the online music industry.
  2. The total revenue earned by Spotify, Rhapsody and Pandora can never match the revenue earned by the ringtones company.
  3. Lollipop sung Lil Wayne is the most popular ringtone of all time. ( The next top followers are mentioned below in the infographic )
  4. Android users mostly download ringtones when compared to the iPhone users. They download 7x ringtones more than the iPhone users.
  5. Nokia’s official ringtone is the most heard in a day. This breaks the record by ringing 2 billion times a day. Cool, isn’t it ?
  6. Crazy Frog’s Beverly Hills Cop was the number one ranking theme in the year 2005, in the countries United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

Via [Mashable]