Apple Says No To Siri for iPhone 4 or Older versions

Here comes a bit sad news for the Apple fans, particularly the iPhone 4 users. It was quite awesome when Apple said that it was testing Siri, the new voice command search, on iPhone 4 and older versions. Siri debuted with iPhone 4S and until now it has been working really great. But that announcement seems to be a rumor. Apple ain’t bringing Siri to iPhone 4.


Siri is one of those awesome features that comes with iPhone 4S and according to Apple, it remains to it’s rightful owner, iPhone 4S. Apple said that it has no plans of bringing Siri to older versions of iPhone. Apple Engineer firmly said “Siri only works on iPhone 4S and we currently have no plans to support older devices” This response from Apple finally put a full stop to the rumors circulating round the web.

But it is a known fact that hackers have ported Siri in older devices like iPhone4, iPhone 3GS and even one of those iPads. But no matter, they port or not, the hackers can’t get to distribute this hack online without falling into one of those Apple traps. Though porting Siri’s UI into iPhone 4 or other devices is an easy task, only a few can be authenticated with Apple’s server.

So, no Siri for iPhone 4. This new policy seriously angered a lot of iPhone 4 users round the world. And, Siri must be rolled out for upcoming iDevices for sure. The first thought turns to iPhone 5 and iPad 3 that are set for launch in the early 2012. What’s on your mind right now? Drop in the comments below.