Nokia’s Kinetic Device : The Flexible Mobile Device

Nokia, as we all know, is the best maker of mobile devices and the largest marketer in the mobile devices niche. It was just a couple of days back, when Nokia made Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 official. And now Nokia has come up with a new mobile device called “Kinetic device” with a flexible interface.


The news is not public yet by Nokia. But thanks to CNET for catching a quick glance at this new mobile interface. “At the Nokia World show here, the Finnish mobile phone maker showed off it’s ‘Nokia kinetic device’ with a flexible display.” says CNET in it’s official blog post.

As you can see in the video below, you can use this flexible interface to do anything with your mobile phone. By just twisting the mobile phone, you can make your way through your music playlist or navigate your photo albums. Here in this video, a man demonstrates this new flexible interface by bowing in or out. Bowing in will zoom the photo and it’s the round way round for bowing out.

This flexible interface comes handy for a lot of purposes. When your mobile device is in your pocket, to cut an incoming call just twist your mobile phone and the call gets cut. There are a lot of uses. We will come to know more about it when Nokia officially introduces this new flexible interface. Nokia isn’t talking much about this and we are not quite sure when this kind of new mobile device hits the markets. But let us hope that, it will come soon.

[stextbox id=”info”]How does this flexible interface work?[/stextbox]

How did Nokia achieve this? How was this new flexible interface built? It is said that this new interface was built with carbon nanotubes kept on a flexible surface. These carbon nanotubes have the capacity to change their electrical resistance when twisted and with the measurement of change, the screen works.