Nokia N8 Hacked To Support Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse!!

One of the most useful features of Apple’s popular iPad is the ability to tether a Bluetooth keyboard to it, making text input a whole lot faster than using its virtual keyboard. Now, some clever hackers have managed to get the same feat done on a Nokia N8, and they’ve thrown in support for a Bluetooth mouse as well. Check out a video showcasing this after the jump, and decide if you think whether the Nokia N8 might be a good phone to compose your lengthy emails in.

This is really a big deal for Nokia N8, which is struggling to live up to the expectations among it’s Android and iOS counterparts. With this possibility, the Nokia N8 will get two more input devices, which makes it a full fledged business device or a very small full fledged computer. Though this was done by some developers, if Nokia could incorporate this into their device and sold the keyboard and mouse accessories specifically designed for the N8, then it would be uber cool.



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