NoteSlate – World’s Most Simplest Tablet

Modern day tablets come with the most advanced processors, Graphics, with the state of the art software upgrades and with huge memories and much more that’ll make us shout “Enough !”. These modern gadgets are becoming more of an distraction than as an useful gadget. With the original purpose the tablets as Notes taking machine being lost !


NoteSlate is trying to fill that lost gap. It is the world’s simplest tablet that lets you do nothing but to take notes, that too not in a glossy multicolor way. Just monochromatic one in the background, that one you can choose and another color on the foreground, which is the pencil color, which will be a contrast one based on the background color.

NoteSlate does not allow you to browse the web, but you can read PDF files. You can sync it with your computer through Wi-FI or mini USB. All this device allows you to do is to take notes. You can write or draw whatever you wish, wherever you want. This is a great device for the student and the designer community making it a stylish way of taking notes or drawing ideas as and when it comes to our mind.

This Device lets us work without distraction, no music, no browsing and no any other thing that would distract you. But this is not the kind of device many of us would love to have. But It is good for it’s price of $99. The World’s simplest tablet costs less too.

Share your thoughts on this device with us. 🙂