Now You Can Use Windows Facebook Messenger Even When You Log Out

As of now, the Facebook Messenger works even when you log out of your Facebook account in your browser. You can chat with your friend even when you are officially logged out of and also get notifications. Facebook made no official announcement on this new change.


The Facebook Messenger for Windows is a pretty cool tool that will help you chat with your friends right from desktop. Facebook rolled out this new application a few days back for the Facebook users using Windows OS. With it’s hometown in smartphones, this new application for Windows seems to have impressed lots of users. With more than 800 million active users, this new application is now set to increase the users’ stickiness to the site.

While logging into the, you will have to tick the Keep me logged in button, which will in turn confirm your logging into the Facebook messenger application too. With you logged into both, you can now start to receive notifications and chat with people. Even when you close your browser, you will keep pinged of the updates.

And now, this new change, the thing you read in the title, allows users to be logged in the Facebook Messenger but log out of the site, which will in turn mark you as Online in your friend’s walls. But if you want to check out any notification, you will have to stay online in your browser too. Only then you will have the option to like or add a comment.

If you want to log out of the Facebook Messenger too, simple right click the button available at the bottom right of the screen, notifications area, and hit the Log Out button available there. Once you do so, you will be logged out and be marked as Offline.