How To: Officially Hide Your Facebook Ticker

Recently Facebook  added a brand new, shiny button named Hide Ticker near the Ticker at the top right of the Newsfeed. If you are an avid user of Facebook, you would have noticed this new button from today or yesterday. With lots of Facebook users searching for tricks to hide to the Ticker provided by Facebook, the company recently introduced this official button to hide the Ticker section in their Newsfeed.


Once you are in your Newsfeed, you will find yourself staring at the chat sidebar at the right side. The chat sidebar sports the Ticker at the top while the bottom highlights the list of both online and offline friends. You must note the fact that you cannot hide the Ticker shown along with the chat list, that is in the chat sidebar. Only when you hide the sidebar, the Ticker shown at the top right can be hid.

Check out this above image. It shows the Ticker shown at the top right. It is a standalone Ticker and not the one bundled along with the chat section in the sidebar. As you can see in the image, my Facebook account now sports a brand new button named Hide Ticker which proves to be really useful to me. As the name denotes, when I find no use for the Ticker, I will be able to kick that out of my Newsfeed. Once hid, the Ticker can be shown again by hitting the button Show Ticker.

What’s your thought on this new addition? While there are lots of browser extensions or plug-ins to hide the Ticker, I believe this official button is a lot more useful and user friendly. Do you use Ticker normally? Does it come handy to you or do you find it irritating with lots of updates? Do share in your comments with us. We would like to hear words from you about this new change.