OpenBook – Search Facebook Updates

Facebook is the largest social networking site on the planet with 500 million active users. Many applications have been developed for facebook. I recently came across an interesting website, which allows you to search facebook status messages.

Openbook lets you search public Facebook updates using Facebook’s own search service. Using this website you can search for public updates, just like searching twitter updates using twitter. This was developed by Will Moffat, Peter Burns and James Home to mock at facebook’s privacy features. This website asks facebook to make the privacy settings much easier. Facebook’s inefficient privacy features has led to the development of lot of sarcastic websites which tease facebook, and Openbook is one among them.

But this website too has one good thing hidden for companies and brands. Companies can search for their brand name as the keyword and can know what people think about their company and their brand. So it indirectly gives you feedback about anything.


The next time you update your status, be careful with your privacy settings or else you would be embarrassed by the whole world seeing your personal information.

Update: The site has been discontinued now !