Orkut Attacked by New Worm

Orkut is the social networking site from Google. Orkut has been attacked by a new worm known as “Bom Samado”. And it is affecting many user profiles.


This worm has originated from Brazil, which is Orkut’s largest user base. “Bom Samado” is a Portuguese word which means “Good Saturday”. Portuguese is the national language of Brazil.

This Worm was also reported to add many unwanted Communities to the affected user’s  Profile. This worm spreads by sending a scrap with “Bom Samado” as the content to all friends of the infected user.

It is likely that you got an infected scrap from any one of your friends by now. It is advised that you stay out off the web based version of Orkut till this problem is solved.

Till then you can use its Mobile Version. But it would be safe, if you didn’t use the scraps feature.

It is only a month back, when Orkur added many special features to the site including many updates. This problem may cause many Orkut users to shift to its ultimate rival, Facebook.

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