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150+ Run Commands for Windows XP

July 18, 2010 0

Windows Run can be used to open an application faster. Instead of opening through the desktop shortcut or searching for the application in a big last that […]

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Top 20 Google Chrome Extensions

July 17, 2010 0

Many people were asking me to write about a list of much useful Chrome extensions, and I was feeling much lazy to sort them out. But Yesterday at Google’s blog they have sorted out 19 of their favorite extensions. So, adding one to it, I present you this list of 20 much useful chrome extensions. These are really awesome extensions

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Picasa Web Integrates with Picnik

July 15, 2010 0

icasa Web Albums added an option that lets you edit photos in Picnik, the online photo editor acquired by Google in March. After clicking on the “Edit” button, Picasa Web Albums uploads the photo to Picnik and opens Picnik in a pop-up box.

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Install Google Web Apps in Google Chrome

July 15, 2010 Axleration 0

An installed web app could be separated visually from other tabs, could integrate better with the OS, and could be granted increased permissions. Installing a web app in Google Chrome is easy and quick, with no restart required. At its simplest, installing a web app is like creating a super-bookmark to it,

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Change Display Name in Facebook

June 30, 2010 0

Many of my friends asked me about how to change the display name in their facebook profiles, I thought of writing a article about it. This guide will help you to change your Display name in facebook.

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Free Tools In Indian Languages

June 23, 2010 0

Indian Language Data Center (ILDC) , a Government of India initiative is providing free Language CD which contains a lot of free Softwares,fonts,email client,office application and many more in your native language. They are currently providing CDs free of cost for 23 Indian Languages.

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Create Your Own Jersey !

June 22, 2010 0

The football mania is at its peak and its time to create a jersey for you. This time we are going to see a cool facebook application which will allow you to create your jersey.

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Facebook Smileys

June 18, 2010 Axleration 0

Have you ever thought about those beautiful smileys that you use in facebook chat ? People often use only a few smileys in facebook chat.  But facebook […]

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VBscript Trick

June 13, 2010 0

I was posting all kind of information and the latest news around the tech world till now. I thought of posting about some kind of […]

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How To Shut Down Your PC In 3 Seconds

June 10, 2010 0

Shutting down a PC takes some time, especially when you have opened a lot of applications, here is a trick that will help you to Shut down your computer in 3 seconds.

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Fun With Google Translate.

June 8, 2010 0

I was just browsing around and found an interesting stuff with Google Translate. When you try to translate “James Bond” in Google translate to Chinese, it translates it to “007”