Personalize Your Google Search With Google+

Something new is here. As you read in the title, Google has now come up with an entirely new concept of searching. While Googling, we have, many a times, come across coming the pretty old, boring, unrelated search results. And now, with this new algorithm, Googling becomes a lot more fun than earlier. With this new tool in hands, you can easily get results from your Google+ account and your friends from Google+, at the top.


This new concept called Search plus Your World, gives users with the most relevant suggestions. Google gathers data from their Google+ accounts, and reverts people with ultra unique and interesting search results. Google+ profiles of users have been added to the search section of the internet giant, Google, giving users with pretty cool results. A search for the name Ben Smith reverts the user, with a mini profile of Ben Smith at the top of the search result and also, gives most results related to his Google+ account.

When your friends in your Google+ circles have shared some interesting content on their Google+ account, they are likely to get featured in the top of your search section. Shared photos, blog posts cover the top section of your search query and thus add more interesting content to your search. Also, this new algorithm makes +1’ing of photos of your circled buddies is possible right within Google Images search.

With Google+ in mind, Google undertook it’s utmost possible methods to put out Twitter and Facebook out the search results. Twitter being the world’s fastest news spreading social media and Facebook being the world’s most widely used social media, Google undertook certain steps to block Twitter and Facebook results from search. A search for something reverts the user with the relevant brand pages and people on Google+ and does not give any result with the name Facebook or Twitter or any other rival.

This new algorithm is on the verge of being rolled out to all the users. As of now, all the Google users out there will not be able to sort out the personal results from the all results section. Within time, Google will introduce this new search feature to all the users.

Danny Sullivan, editor of, says, It’s one of the most significant things Google has ever done in search.

What’s your thought on this all new search algorithm? Do you like the way this all new search works? Do you think that, Google is taking utmost possible steps to made Google+ more social? Do you think that, Google must necessarily kick out Facebook and Twitter from search results? Share your thoughts with other geeks, below in the comments section.