How to prolong your phone battery life

Phone battery life

Do you suffer from First World Problems?

Okay, I know there are lots of potential problems out there, but how about your phone battery life?  Is short battery life annoying to you!

Do you have problems with your phone battery draining too fast? Most of us go through the same scenario every day: we leave home with a fully charged battery, only to see it drop rapidly to under 50% a couple of hours later. Some consider it’s the producer’s fault and that we’re being charged too much for second-hand quality; others blame the current devices altogether and are reminiscent of old times when smartphones or bricks were almost the same thing. Yes, an old Nokia used to keep charged for days, but there’s a noticeable difference in battery size. Today’s phones tend to be extra slim, fact that led to technological challenges for components producers.

How often do you use your phone?

Besides the size issue, another culpable for your battery being so thirsty is actually Facebook. Yes, the giant blue social media company that has us all drooling for updates and new features could be the problem behind fast battery consumption on smartphones. The engineering team has recently announced that issues have been discovered with Facebook’s network code that can lead to unnecessary high CPU speeds. This issue has been identified mostly on devices running iOS and it is believed to be the main reason behind battery problems for Apple smartphones. Also, Facebook is not at its first offense in this area. Last year, in April, the same issue presented itself and was discovered by an expert.

How hard does your phone battery work?

The CPU speeding up without real reasons keeps the battery on full-time load at all times, fact that makes the device consume more resources than it actually needs. The easiest fix, recommended by Facebook, is updating to their latest app version. If your device is set up to update apps automatically to their latest versions then you’ve already solved this problem. Otherwise, you’ll have to do it manually by visiting the App Store.

To make sure the problem is actually fixed, go to General Settings and access the battery section. Here you’ll see a report on how apps are using the battery.

Tips & Tricks on prolonging your phone battery lifePhone battery life

  • Low power mode – this is a feature available on Apple devices that run with iOS 9 and reduces power consumption for a period of time. The main course of action this feature follows is to shut down features that are not crucial for your phone’s proper functioning (for example automatic downloads or Siri). You can activate this feature from General Settings – Battery.
  • Don’t use too much light for your backlight. The brighter your screen, the faster your battery will be drained.
  • Deactivate auto-lock – this is another feature you could live without for your battery’s sake.
  • When you’re not actually using the phone for calls or online browsing, set it on airplane mode. This saves a lot of you battery’s life.
  • Features like Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, location services and other data communication should be deactivated when you’re not using them.
  • Interactive wallpapers or simply the ones full of color are also guilty for high battery consumption rates.
  • Notifications are the small, innocent pieces of an app that keep your phone constantly running background processes. Try to cut them off as much as possible.




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