Pinterest: Best Ever Online Promotional Tool for Your Business

Pinterest is one of the latest trends in the blogosphere. It is similar to a social bookmarking site. It can also be considered as a pin board styled photo sharing website where people can share or “Pin” photos which they find interesting.

Pinterest was launched in the summer of 2010 by Ben Silbermann, with few other tech geeks from California. In the summer of 2011 Times Magazine listed Pinterest in the list of their 50 best websites the developers came out of their small apartment in California and started operating the website from a different professional location. Ten million visits per week made Pinterest one of the top ten social networking websites. Now the company is valued at a massive $200 million USD.


Besides its cool design and photo sharing ability make it work as a way to promote small businesses. Whenever you add your business in social networks it makes you think how it will gain the much needed attention.  By connecting people with similar social interest throughout the world, social medias have surpasses the geographical boundaries and made it easier for small business owners to advertise their product to different people from different countries with similar interest. Make Pinterest your advertising partner as it is viewed by millions of people across the world. But before accepting Pinterest as your advertising partner you should develop a plan and ask yourself why will you launch your business in Pinterest platform? The successful businessmen who are connected with Pinterest have some common features like, their business is genuine. They are smart and they know how to get most from the website. Also, before getting your brand on Pinterest, you might like to take a look at this infographic, giving you an idea whether your brand should be on Pinterest or not. But, no matter what the infographic says, I continue with the title’s speech.

Never forget the old saying “Look before you leap”. So before promoting your business at Pinterest plan your strategy. Plan how you will approach customers, how you’re going to inspire them to use your product. Strategic planning and inspiring is what Pinterest is all about. There is no profit in Pinning up items which are not relevant to your product and which do not engage people. Always remember Pinterest is not a website to sell your product i.e. customers cannot directly buy your product or service; here you can only motivate and inspire them to use your product. Understand the principals and interests of your business for stepping ahead of your counterparts. Suppose you are selling some sorts of biodegradable cleaning product then it is recommended not to Pin up in Pin board. Inspiring and motivating ideas like wildlife photography, afforestation, social service etc. are recommended for pinning up in pin board. Your Pinterest profile can include news, images, buzz or bizarre and videos. It can also include visually intriguing products from other companies. People will try to know about you and the services and products you offer if you can inspire them by sharing your interests. On Pinterest you may not directly promote your business but you can share your interest and let others share your interest and values. This will be lot more beneficial for your business.  Your activity on Pinterest will make you visible which in turn will popularize your interest or your service.

Always keep updated about the interests of other business personnel. Learn from their successes and strategies. Also keep in mind the TOS of Pinterest. There are some guidelines which you will have to follow to succeed on Pinterest. If you can handle the rules and regulations well then you will find Pinterest as one of the best ways to promote business online.

Author Bio: This article is written by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. He is a part time blogger and he likes to promote Flash templates with the integrated flash CMS.