Pinterest Boards and Pins Section Get Revamped

That’s right, what you read in the title is true. It seems like the fellows from Pinterest have done a charming work to redesign the Boards and Pins section in each user’s profile page. It was today when I landed up in Pinterest and noticed that the site has revamped those section and in simple words, those sections look way too lovely now. The previous one was good too, but this one seems to be far better.


When you land yourself in my profile page on Pinterest, you will be surprised to look that the site looks a lot changed and beautiful too. When Pinterest began to get too popular it had the simple profile of the user shown at the left side while the boards of that particular user featured in the right section of the page. But as of now, when you take a look at my profile on Pinterest, will be seeing that the boards have been pushed to the bottom section of the page and the simple profile of me has been thrown to the top.

The top section of the profile page features the simple bio of me on the left and a small column at the right showing the three people who Repinned my Pins. And below that, you can see a small, horizontal navigation bar that will help you to navigate across my Pins, Boards, Likes and Activity. Cool, right? 😀 Also make sure to notice that once you scroll the page down, the navigation bar gets itself fixed to the top of the screen.

And finally at the bottom most section of the page, you will be able to see the list of boards created by me. Pinterest staff have decided to display a maximum of 5 boards in each line and thus goes a couple of Boards in my profile page. Above each Board lies the name of the Board and the number of Pins that particular board has. If the Board is shared with my contributors too, it can be seen to be sporting a Group-like button nearby.

If you are a big fan of Pinterest, it would be really surprising to you to know that Pinterest is now one among the top 10 social networks and here is an infographic showing Pinterest having a lot of ultra cool stats. Also, here are 5 major tips to market your brand well on Pinterest and get the most out of it.

What’s your thought on this? The User Interface is what that surprises the Pinterest users and drives a lot traffic to the site. With the images being shown really large, users find Pinterest a lot more interesting when compared to the other social image sharing sites out there. Will this new change to the User Interface affect the way Pinterest used to work? Do drop in your thoughts with us below in the comments section.