Play Angry Birds On Any Website

After smashing the pigs in many platforms, “The Angry Birds” are now ready to smash the pigs on a whole new platform, don’t look your Xbox, The Angry birds can be played on any website now.


Nokia Argentina has come up with this novel concept of playing the Angry birds in any website. Instead of hiding in castles made up of different materials, the pigs now hide in the elements of a site like, text and images. You can use the same old catapult to launch the birds on the pigs.

All you have to do is to Drag this Angry Birds Bookmark to you bookmark bar and go to your favorite site and click it. The pigs and the birds will appear on the screen in a jiffy. You can start playing the game right away.

Use your mouse to launch the birds and strike the pigs and see the web elements in the path of the birds, fall down.

Enjoy, drop a comment below if you played the game at Axleration 😀