Want to Play Offline – Here Are the 7 Best Offline Android Games

best offline games

Have you ever been stuck somewhere with no internet connection and nothing else to kill some time? You would have had some cool online games in your Android Smartphone or tablet PC. But, what’s the point if you cannot have a stable internet connection to engage in the global gameplay? That’s why we say you should have some of the best offline Android games in your device. So, the next time you are stranded somewhere with boredom, you can count on those games to kill some time.

You may need a few more MBs to download these offline games. However, once downloaded, they offer seamless gaming experience all the time. That having said, you need to pick the right offline Android games to get the best experience. We are here with a list of the 7 best Android games you can play without internet. We’ve tried to include games from different categories and hope it helps.

Alto’s Adventures

best offline gamesYou like those games that give you different challenges every time? Alto’s Adventures is such a game that combines some graphical beauty too. The gameplay of Alto’s Adventures is pretty simple. Alto needs to follow and bring back the Llamas that have run away from the place. In the course of the time, he need to complete a few challenges and goals. Sometimes, Alto falls down and there are options to revive him and continue running. But every time you run, there are different sets of goals and challenges to keep up with.

As we said, the graphics part of Alto’s Adventures is simply awesome. Because of that, the game weighs a bit. But, once it is in your device, you can have the cool gameplay without an active connection. And, trust us when we say that you would love playing the game. In addition to graphics, the team has included a cool set of soundtrack too.


best offline gamesDo you like those puzzle games that make you think? If so, Mekorama is a cool offline Android game you should get a look on. Mekorama is the story of a robot that has been stuck somewhere in a puzzle land. And, he needs your help to get out of the puzzles and get back to the space. In each level, there will be a complex block-based structure. And, as you go to a higher level, the structures get more complex. You need to move the robot and help him reach the Exit in each pattern. At times, there are additional characters in the games like other few robots too.

Mekorama is a cool mixture of simplicity and thought. And, for those who love solving puzzles, it’s going to be an addictive take for sure. As soon as you go past one levels, several other levels are opened. It’s completely free to play but it offers an option to get a hint.


Angry Birds 2

best offline gamesAngry Birds 2 isn’t completely an offline Android game. In fact, to get the complete experience of Angry Birds, you might need an internet connection. However, even when you don’t have a connection, Angry Birds 2brings a decent experience of gaming. As you know, like in the entire franchise of Angry Birds, there are different birds with different powers. You can use these birds to break the forts built by Pigs. There is a huge variety of levels in Angry Birds 2 and each gets a bit more challenging as you go on. When compared to the other games in franchise, Angry Birds 2 can bring you a better deal with offline gaming.

There are around 100 levels in Angry Birds 2 and you can get them all with a single download. After that, you can use the birds to crack the cages and finish off those pigs. In addition to normal levels, Angry Birds 2 has Boss Levels as well. And, a good thing we noticed in this offline app is the cool background soundtrack.

Into the Dead

best offline gamesJudging by the graphics quality and style, Into the Dead is no simple Android game. However, quite surprisingly, it works well without an internet connection. Once you have finished the installation, you can get into the world of zombies; then, there is a bunch of thing to do. The first thing is to save yourself from being caught by zombies. And, in different levels, it gets you different tasks. Sometimes you need to kill zombies using particular weapons. Sometimes, it’s about the number of kills you make. New weapons get unlocked as you go to the new levels. And, the gameplay of Into the Dead is for sure an intriguing one.

If you love those adventure games, Into the Dead may be the optimal offline game you can find for your Android. It has a few elements for shooting, running and dynamic controls. And, what’s more, the soundtrack is so cool that you get a real zombie feel sometimes. It’s free to play, but in-app purchases are available.


best offline gamesLIMBO is one of the most praised offline Android games you’d find in Play Store. Just look at the Play Store rating, and you would be attracted towards this premium game. Yeah, LIMBO is a premium offline game for Android devices out there. It is about a boy who enters a LIMBO in search of his sister. And, you can help that guy to reach the destination throughout the game. According to the reviews, LIMBO is just the perfect Android game most of them have come across. Despite the fact that it’s a paid game, LIMBO is having a huge fan-base and user-base too.

You can count on LIMBO if you are into the adventure stuff out there. There’s a long journey ahead with tasks and goals. It is up to your pace to complete and get moving to the next levels. And, as we said earlier, you don’t have to keep active internet connection for the gameplay. It’s just about downloading this into your game.


best offline gamesDo you need a power-packed, story-filled shooting game to play without internet? Lonewolf is the best answer you would get in the end. It’s quite amazing that the developers have included an awesome storyboard and gameplay within the limit of 70MB. It’s the story of a shooter, who needs to complete a series of assignments. In the span of time, there are several threads going on. And, if you pay attention to the neo-noir story out there, Lonewolf is going to be the best experience in the field. And, just like in other shooting games you have played, there are different weapons, levels and a lot more to be unlocked.

In short, Lonewolf is just right for the passionate gaming lover around. It’s filled with different kinds of missions and sub-missions. If you are into the story and game simultaneously, Lonewolf is the best offline shooting game for Android.

Traffic Rider

best offline gamesTraffic Rider is an awesome Android offline game that is in Racing category. At first, you have a motorbike and you need to reach certain milestones to get money. With this money, you can purchase more vehicles and upgrade them if you like to. Talking of the gameplay and controls, Traffic Rider is extraordinarily cool. Even in the low-budget phones, you can have a streamlined gaming experience in the end. After all, it’s a racing game with amazing graphics. And, it’s certainly a great way to spend your time when you are alone.

Traffic Rider is from the same developer of Traffic Racer. It’s just that you are playing with bikes in this game. You will for sure love the turns and spins — and the clashes for sure 😉

Summing Up

So, these are some cool offline Android games you can play. If you need more games, you can check out this article about the best offline Android Games at TechLila. Regardless the game you choose, the experience is awesome, we bet. So, wish you all a superb offline gaming experience.



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