Play Snake Game in YouTube Videos

Many of us watch many YouTube videos a day and not all of us have high speed internet connections. So, we spend much time waiting for the videos to buffer and a few us, who can’t wait will be opening a few more tabs meanwhile thus making the video to load even slower.


So what can you do while waiting for the videos to load. Well, you can play the famous snake game right over the video while it loads.

So, how do you do it ? While you wait for your videos to load, just press any two of the direction keys in your keyboard together. For example, press the up and down keys together. Voila ! A pixel snake will be slithering over your screen, direct it using the arrow keys to its food, which is a white pixel.

There is no point systems and the snake grows every time it eats its food just like the classic version and the game ends once you dash on the edge of the video. This game loads instantly and will keep you occupied till your video loads. Try playing the game on the video below.

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