Post to Facebook With 5 Famous Gadgets That You Don’t Own

Gadgets. That’s what I am gonna speak about now. We guys all have a lot of gadgets. What’s the first thing you would probably do when you buy a brand new gadget? Perhaps snap a photo or two. Or just check out it’s new features. But in my case, I would upload a few pictures to Facebook or update my status with it.


Updating statuses with the newly bought gadget gives your Facebook buddies a strong impression that you own that particular gadget. As you can see in the screenshot below, Facebook shows the device name, with which the person updated the status, below the status. The below status was updated by a friend of mine using his mobile phone.


After a quite few looks at these kind of status updates by our friends, we feel a little jealous and wish that we too could update our statuses with such devices. But unfortunately not all of us own those gadgets. Now here in this post, as the title says, I bring a quite few links with which you can update your status without owning those precious gadgets.

  • With Android :
  • With BlackBerry :
  • With Apple iPad :<
  • With Apple iPod Touch :
  • With HTC Touch HD : preview=true&api_key=31b32609bd82df5d460ef993d3511ec9
Well, did you try those? How did it go? Share your experiences with me and also drop forget to drop in comments below in the comments section. And by the way, don’t forget to share this trick with your Facebook buddies and other friends. That too would love to enjoy the fun. Don’t they?