Profile Of Your Favorite Tech Blog Addict [Infograhics]

While there are hundreds and hundreds of tech blogs out there with each struggling to compete with the other, each has one common goal. Each one wants to be the first to deliver the latest tech trends and thus, most of the popular tech blogs out there can be spotted own their own big circle of readers.


As known to all, mostly to the geeks and tech lovers, Mashable, TechCrunch and many others are not new names. As you might notice, these are some of the very popular tech blogs out there. Getting to the title of the post, here is an infographic by the collaboration of Wibiya and Conduit hinting how a typical tech blog lover looks.

Well, Mashable being a tech blog is quite popular for delivering most stuff related to Social Media. As you can see below, matching the love of their love, Mashable readers can mostly be seen wearing a Social Media shirt. With Mashable delivering most stuff related to Social Media, it’s the same case with it’s group of loyal readers, who love Social Media like anything.

When TechCrunch, Business Insider come with alternate top tech trends, AllThingsD is not new to this game. And, I personally, can’t figure out the hidden code in those three giant’s readers’ shirts. Do ping me in the comments section if you get to know.

Next comes yet another popular tech news delivering site, GigaOm. GigaOm has been quite notable for sorting out the top tech trends and highlight them. This sets GigaOm on the path further up. The tagline The No-Nonsense Techies confirms that fact.

It can be noticed that, TechCrunch brings in lots of tech trends each day and there goes another two tech giants proving to be the biggest rivals of TechCrunch. As you can see below, Uncrunched by Michael Arrington, founder and previous CEO of TechCrunch, and PandoDaily own a crossed TC symbol logo in their shirts.

Did you check out all others? These are certainly the basic characteristics of a tech blog freak. Have you come across any of these sites? If yes, which one is your favorite?