How to Protect Windows 10 from Malware

slow computer - How to Protect Windows 10 from Malware

It is only after your screen turns blue that you wish that you could have protected your computer from malware. A malware is a malicious software that can cause harm to your PC in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

How to Protect Windows 10 from Malware

There are so many types of malware and each one of them works in different ways. This is the reasons why there are many virus definitions and why they need to be updated regularly.  But Is Microsoft Windows fighting a losing battle?

A disease like smallpox can wipe out millions of people if it was to find itself outside the CDC labs to unvaccinated civilians. The same applies to PCs. Unprotected PCs are prone to thousands of infections.

Most of those malware have even stopped circulating, but who knows when they can ever emerge again. This is why you need to ensure your PC is protected from them and here is how you can do that:

Download Antimalware software

An antimalware software not only has the ability to protect your PC from potential attacks, but can also remove existing malware.

There are many free Malware removal tools available for you to download, so this shouldn’t be difficult for you. That is, unless you end up downloading a malware instead.

Scan your computer for malware

Before doing anything else, ensure that you have done a deep scan on your system. A previous malware infection could spread undetected and cause problems to our PC.

MalwareFox and Windows Defender have simple interfaces, hence scanning your PC doesn’t need help from Google.

Avoid turning off your antimalware program during installations

slow computer - How to Protect Windows 10 from Malware

Most games and software prompt you to turn off your antivirus protection during installations to avoid errors. In most cases, the antivirus software keeps scanning the files and slows down the installation process. We recommend that you refer to Techengage to help you through this process.

Ever heard of the saying ‘slow but sure’? It is better you leave the antimalware to do its job instead of rushing a game installation just because you can’t wait to get your hands on a joystick.

Some files in those games are usually infected with malware, 3dm.dll being an example. Though some are usually false positives, always try to be on the safe side.

Avoid malicious sites

Torrents are the best modes of file transfers in the world. A file doesn’t have to be on cloud in order for it to be accessed. They are transferred on a P2P connection, making it perfect for any type of file to be transferred.

Among those types of files, malware can also be transferred. They are usually transferred in an archive to avoid early detection. This increases the chance of your PC getting infected.

Some of the torrent sites also have malicious links and software. You should avoid visiting such sites if you are unsure about them.

Porn sites also pose a threat to your PC’s security. Some of them have malicious links that send your computer to a bunch of malicious sites. If you can’t stay a day away from such sites, just visit the established ones to avoid infections.

Using VPN services

Some malware programs are injected directly into an individual’s computer through the IP on a public network. If you are on a public Wi-Fi network, your computer is assigned a unique IP address that can be used to access your computer.

By using a VPN service, your computer remains anonymous in the network. No one will be able to access your computer directly anymore.

You should note that a VPN doesn’t protect you from cloud threats. If you access an infected file on cloud without local protection, even through a VPN, you are bound to infect your PC. Just ensure that you have a Malware remover software installed and on standby.


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