PSP Next Generation, Codenamed NGP – Specifications

We have been expecting the PSP 2 since long back and an official announcement on the next generation of PSPs is out and we are quite late to share it with you. The next generation of PSPs are codenamed as NGP and they come with awesome new features both in terms of hardware and software.


The System is going to be powered by a Quad core ARM Cortex A9 processor and a quad core GPU too. The NGP is going to be a very powerful handheld device. It is packed with dual Joysticks(a feature expected by many), Touch screen, quadrupled pixel count than its predecessor, a rear touchpad, a redefined UI, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Both front and back facing Cameras, accelerometer / gyroscope motion sensing as in the PlayStation Move, an electronic compass and much more. Awesome isn’t it ?

This Marvelous machine will be available for sale from this holiday season and you need to wait till that. This device is built with 4 basic considerations, A really User friendly UI, Social Connectivity, Augumented Reality and Location based entertainment. This will also be a part of the Playstation Suite and will also have backward compatibility. But Sony has said goodbye to the UMDs and this new system won’t come with an UMD reader. Rather Games will come on “New Media” and there are no clear info on what sort of flash memory is being used.

The Touchpad is at the back of the system and is exactly the same size as of the OLED touchscreen and it would provide superior and complicated controls while using the combo together. The new system will not have the XMB UI and it comes with a new interface which will be called LiveArea. It will come with a bunch of home screens and social networking integrated through the Playstation Network.

This Device would be a real treat for gamers with all those awesome configuration. A 3D screen would have put this device all above. But even now, with that amazing hardware, we can play the best of games in this device. If priced reasonably good, this device is sure to rock the markets in the near future.

Share your thoughts on the device and we could have a conversation on it.