Put Your Facebook Friends in a Google Map

WhereMyFriends.be is an wonderful app, that will pin up a Google Map with friends based on their geographical location. Interesting isn’t it ? You can simply connect with Facebook and within a few seconds, it will finish pinning up the map with your friends.


This service is based on Facebook and Google Maps, once you give the app the right to fetch your data, it will finish it job of pinning up your friends to the map, within seconds. But the problem with it is that, all the maps are public and anyone can view it. There is no settings to change it. So, if you are ready for this then, proceed.

If you hover your mouse over the pins, it will show you the names of the friends, who are from that place. The geographical location is based on what your friends have given in their profiles, so if they mentioned it wrong, it will be shown wrong.

This app said that I have 1450 friends and they are from 92 places around the world. So it is time you try it out. Try it and share your experiences with us 🙂