Reason Why Conan O’Brien is Not the Real CEO of Mashable

Well, as known to all Mashable has been the biggest social media and tech news site out there. When it comes to gadgets or social media, Mashable has by far been the biggest and the best to reveal the facts. And also, Mashable being a big company, it indeed does have lots of partner websites who contribute to Mashable too. Be it paid or free service, Mashable has been noticed to be giving credits to the respective third party partners.


If you are a Mashable freak, you might have noticed that Mashable places a widget at the bottom of each post with the title We Recommend. That section highlights some of those noteworthy posts that you will love reading. If one post happens to be a paid one, Mashable places the text Paid Distribution in the box. And also, at the right sidebar, Mashable places a separate section naming it the Top From Our Partners.

That’s where this article is headed to. When I was Mashabling, I was stunned to see that the two posts from Conan O’Brien were at the top in the 5, while the rest three are from Tecca, MIT Technology Review and The Daily Dot. Until now, Conan has made two posts at Mashable. One, highlighting the fact that he is the new CEO. And the other, highlighting the news that he stole the iTV.

Well, if he truly happens to be the CEO of Mashable, why place in the Top From Our Partners niche? If mustn’t find a place in that, right? What’s your thought? Agree with me? This confirms the fact that Conan is no a CEO after all and Pete Cashmore has the true leadership. It’s just that, Mashable it fooling it’s readers. 🙂