Reorder Your Lists in Facebook Using the Google Circles Interface

Facebook recently made an attempt on trying to make their lists feature a more prominent one, which was an outcome of Google+’s circle feature which let you organize friends in circles. Though the Facebook lists feature is pretty impressive now, the interface is still old fashioned and if you have used Google+’s
circle interface, that would be the winner.


So if you want to stick with Facebook but still want to rearrange your lists in the pretty circle interface, then you have come to the right place. A neat online application has been created which will let you arrange your FB lists using Circles interface.

The whole app was developed using javascript and it loads pretty fast too

1. Just head on to the circle hack site.

2. Login in to your facebook account and allow the app the permissions required.

3. It’ll load the interface.

4. Start arranging your lists.

It is that simple. You can also download the source of this app from github, links provided at the end. Hope this was useful for you. Do share it with your friends and drop a comment below.


Circle Hack App

Download Source Code