Report Fake Profiles in Facebook

Facebook is the largest Social networking website in the world. Facebook has been the favourite Social network for many people though it has many Privacy concerns. But one of the major problems in it is Fake accounts. Fake accounts of famous celebrities are created in facebook to get a lot of audience and to spam them.

A few internet marketers, use fake accounts of women to gain attraction, so that they can sell their products. Fake accounts are on the rise than never before. I’ve seen multiple accounts featuring the same profile picture of a girl, she wasn’t a celebrity. But, I guess some person has misused it for their own benefits.

Fake accounts are really irritating and dangerous. If you find a Fake account in facebook, use the below procedure to inform facebook about it.


Report Fake Facebook Profile

1. Open Impostor Profile Reporting Page. It is not necessary to have a facebook account to view this page.

2. Enter the details about the fake profile, like the URL of the impostor profile, Full name of the impostor profile, Screen Shot of the Impostor profile etc…  (Do not give information about your profile)

3. Then Click Submit and the facebook staff will know about this problem and will take necessary actions.

If you have any doubts please let us know it through the comments.

Hope this guide helped you to report fake profiles in Facebook. Do let us know if you faced any issue. We’ll be glad to help you out.