RockMelt – A New Browser Which Adds a Social Layer to Your Web Browser

A new browser which adds a social networking layer to your web browser is released recently. RockMelt is the name and it is from none other than the founder of Netscape Marc Andreessen, and is aimed squarely at social networking users.

RockMelt is based on Google’s Chrome browser, it asks you to login to your social networks like facebook and twitter and then it makes your browsing experience much more social and interactive.

A statement on the RockMelt’s blog read: ‘With RockMelt we’ve re-thought the user experience because a browser can and should be about more than simply navigating Web pages.


‘Today, the browser connects you to your world. Why not build your world right into your browser?’

To know more about this browser, check this video.

Currently the browser is available based on invites, you can request for one here. It will be available for everyone in the future.

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